Monday, 11 April 2011

Starting over, just a little late

Well, for any one who knows me this is not a surprise. One week in to the challenge, and I have just started to blog.  Honest, I did pay attention, I did eat reasonably healthy all week. and I did go to class for 6 out of 7 times.  So basically it I am just behind on the paper work.....(just like old times at work)  
Let me introduce myself.  My name is Patti Clark.  I  currently live in Dartmouth Nova Scotia.  I moved here officially in January, but have been back and forth between here and Winnipeg for about a year before that.  I am a retired psych nurse.  Last year I reestablished a relationship with my high school boyfriend, who had moved here from Manitoba 30 years ago.  Throwing all caution to the wind I "visited" frequently for all of 2010, and took the plunge and moved here in January.  
It has been quite an experience moving away from the province that I have lived in all my life, and away from my children, and granddaughter. I gave every thing I owned to my kids and charity (moving it or storing it would have been more expensive than it was worth) I had one of those rare moments or clarity in January when I walked in to my new home last January, seeing a bouquet of flowers in a beautiful crystal vase, and thinking well at least I own a vase.  This is actually a blessing......starting fresh can be the catalyst for positive change.  I can live in the moment with out being encumbered by the past.   
I decided to join this challenge to cement a change that I started last month.  In March I did a 30 day challenge and cleanse at the Moksha studio in Dartmouth.  I have done one other 30 day challenge in Winnipeg with my daughter, and in the beginning this challenge made me miss her so much more.  I missed the encouragement, and the time we spent together. Then a marvelous thing started to happen.  All the people doing the challenge and cleanse started to chat in the change room.  People who were just someone you recognized from yoga became support people. We started sharing recipes in an online group.  I probably would have starved without the help.  The past week eating vegetarian most of the time has not been all that difficult after our no meat, no dairy no eggs no wheat, no sugar month.  One day my mother called from Manitoba when I was out, and my partner told her that I was out foraging in the bush for supper.  He added that he was hoping for roots and berries that night because he was getting tired of twigs.  
Anyway, what I learned last week was pretty significant. I started to return to more normal eating, and I learned that I get a belly ache and heart burn that makes me feel like I am ready to explode when ever I sit down to a large piece of meat for dinner.....same with greasy food. I can not describe the disappointment at discovering that after I moved to a place where I could get fresh fish and chips, I can not eat them without wanting to die afterwards.  On the bright side this makes becoming vegetarian a whole lot easier.   So here I go into being a vegetarian by necessity, dragging my partner and new step son along with me kicking and screaming all the way.   

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